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Party members to carry out study and investigation activities in Meizhou and Hey

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At about 8:00 a.m. on the 12th, according to the activity arrangement, the members of the study group arrived at Shenzhen North Railway Station in advance to gather and take two buses to Meizhou.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the 12-14 day of the 99th anniversary anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, on June 2020, is to relieve the pressure of the majority of members in the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia and resume production and to enhance the cohesion and fighting capacity of the chamber of Commerce and the party branch, enhance the ideals and beliefs of members and the party spirit of Party members, and liaison with members. Luzhou chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen city is jointly affiliated with Shenzhen Luzhou chamber of Commerce Party branch and Luzhou. The municipal Party committee of migrant workers in Shenzhen organized a study delegation composed of nearly 90 members of the chamber of Commerce and Party members to go to Ye Shuai's hometown, Meizhou and Heyuan, the world's tourist capital, for a three-day study and inspection activity of "no harm, no harm, no trouble, no more sail again with full energy", and received red education on the spot.

At about 8:00 a.m. on the 12th, according to the activity arrangement, the members of the study group arrived at Shenzhen North Railway Station in advance to gather and take two buses to Meizhou. Along the way, in order to let each member have the opportunity to show themselves, a number of interactive games were organized during the journey. All the way, they sang and talked happily, and at the same time, they also let everyone feel the warmth of the big family of the chamber of Commerce. After arriving at Meizhou for lunch, he officially started his long-awaited study tour.

The study delegation first visited the Hakka Museum, the treasure house of Hakka culture. With the guide of the commentators, they visited the exhibition halls of the inner building complex. With the progressive explanation of the commentators, the members not only understood the Hakka folk culture, but also understood the Hakka people's good virtues such as diligence, simplicity, integrity, benevolence, etc., and educated and trained their children The establishment of a good family atmosphere and a correct outlook on life and values play a promoting role. It is understood that China Hakka Museum is the first comprehensive museum in China to comprehensively display the origin and development of Hakka ethnic culture, systematically collect, sort out, research and display Hakka historical and folk cultural relics. The museum has numerous cultural relics and orderly display, including a large number of precious objects, words and pictures, each of which shows the good spirit of the Hakka people and records the local conditions and customs of the Hakka people.

In the evening of that day, in order to relieve everyone's tiredness, they organized a boat night tour of Meijiang and enjoyed the beautiful night scenery on both sides of the Meizhou river. In the first floor cabin, we enjoy the beautiful scenery and sing loudly. On the second floor of the public sightseeing deck, you can feel the beautiful night scenery of Meijiang. Ye Shuai Memorial Bridge, Jiaying bridge, BaiHuaZhou and other unique landscapes of Meizhou can be seen. Meijiang night tour not only let everyone relax, but also release the pressure.

On the morning of June 13, the study delegation visited Ye Jianying Memorial Hall and his former residence. As an outstanding representative of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, Marshal Ye Jianying's revolutionary belief and will have been tested and strengthened for a long time. His personal revolutionary course is closely related to the struggle situation of the Chinese revolution. During the visit, the members visited a large number of precious photos, manuscripts, inscriptions, documents, cultural relics and other objects on display. They conscientiously studied Marshal Ye Jianying's lofty spirit of selfless struggle for the party and the people, and felt Marshal Ye Jianying's great and brilliant revolutionary style. In the era of turbulent Chinese revolution and political changes, and at the critical moment when China is facing danger, he has gone through rough seas, hidden reefs and shoals, and has always set the right course. Chairman Mao Zedong gave Marshal Ye Jianying a very high evaluation: "ZHUGE's life is only cautious, Lu Duan is not confused.". Through systematic and comprehensive study, his great revolutionary character guides the direction of our future development.

In the afternoon of the same day, the study delegation also inspected the most beautiful tea garden in Guangdong -- Yannanfei tea field. Yannanfei is the most famous scenic spot in Meizhou, the Hakka capital. It is a demonstration base of ecological agriculture and tourist resort integrating tea production, ecological forest transformation, landscaping, tourism and vacation. We can take photos in the first-class terraced tea garden in twos and threes, or walk freely along the mountain path with the shade of green trees to enjoy the beauty of nature. In particular, in the unique Hakka Round House sightseeing corridor, we improvised a "T-stage show", attracting many tourists to watch and cheer.

After leaving Yannan, the members took a bus to Chagan town of Pingyuan County, and took a boat tour of Songxi River, which is known as "little Guilin". They reviewed the passion of the Fourth Red Army in Pingyuan during the second revolutionary civil war under the leadership of the older generation of revolutionaries such as Zhu De, Chen Yi, Luo Ronghuan and so on Burning history, understand the local customs, appreciate the beautiful green water and green mountains along the line. Through the study of the historical facts of the third March of the Fourth Red Army in Pingyuan, we have continuously strengthened our spiritual strength of forging ahead.

In the evening of the same day, the chamber of Commerce held a friendship activity of "welcoming the Dragon Boat Festival, tasting the local flavor and describing the local feelings" in Lingdong hotel. At the beginning of the activity, Tang Yong, President of the chamber of Commerce, delivered a brief speech on the stage. On behalf of the chamber of Commerce, he extended greetings and best wishes to all members of the Dragon Boat Festival in advance! He said that the chamber of Commerce hopes that through the meticulously organized study tour in Meizhou organized by the Secretariat, everyone can relax from the tense epidemic prevention and control and return to work and have a happy and meaningful time together. At the dinner party, in addition to the Hakka cuisine, we also tasted the hometown wine Luzhou Laojiao 60 edition special Qu and the hometown flavor zongzi. In the strong local flavor atmosphere, everyone pushes the cup to change the cup, narrates the local sentiment, is really lively! In the case of seeing everyone's unfinished business, the Secretariat organized a group dance to promote the evening's Dragon Boat Festival to a higher climax.

On the morning of June 14, everyone came to Wuzhishi scenic spot. At the entrance of the scenic spot, the five finger stone looks like a Buddha's palm. "Five fingers" rise from the ground and point directly to the sky. The palm is located in a temple, surrounded by fragrant clouds. When climbing on the trestle built on the cliff, standing in front of the railings, you can see the lush trees and verdant green, and the undulating mountain stretches and connects with the sky. At this moment, away from the noise and triviality of the city, give everyone a cool and quiet. On the way up and down the mountain, we cared for each other and helped each other, making people feel the solidarity and friendship of the big family of chamber of Commerce.

During the journey, we laughed and were full of emotion. What the trip brought us was not only happiness, but also unity, mutual assistance, cohesion and harvest.

On the way back in the afternoon of the same day, he Yuan City passed by the study and investigation group, led by Tang Yong, President of the chamber of Commerce, visited Guangdong Jiutian green health industry group, and was warmly received by Huang Tianyou, chairman of Guangdong Jiutian green health industry group and senior leaders of the company. Accompanied by Chairman Huang, the study delegation deeply understood the enterprise summary, core business, corporate culture, historical background and corporate vision of Jiutian green health industry group by visiting the industrial park and product exhibition area and watching the company's promotional films.

Through the study and investigation activities in Meizhou and Heyuan, the members reviewed the glorious course of the Chinese revolution, learned the revolutionary spirit of their ancestors' hard struggle, and received a profound education of patriotism, collectivism and communism. Through the activities, the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the chamber of Commerce and Party organizations were enhanced! I believe that we have accumulated enough energy, gained deep friendship and motive force of innovation and development, and can encourage members to set sail again and make greater contributions to the cause of socialist construction in the future.